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Andrew Jackson is a writer and photographer.

8 Responses to Andrew Jackson

  1. Nick Hopewell-Smith says:

    Our City is at its very best in the early morning in summertime. Fresh and revitalised by our own nourishing sleep, we smile smugly at the sight of late night ravers, stumbling as they make their laboured way home. As if we never experienced a night of revelry in our lives. And we notice little things, hidden by the full heat of the sun and the blaring bustle of daytime. Stupid pigeons, skulking foxes, the sharp glint of a line of urine across the pavement from a shadowy doorway. Deluded maybe, but we feel a spirit of kinship with other early-risers, conveniently ignoring that many are there by necessity, rather than choice. Their own beds much missed. We are alert, on-the-move – with a collective sense of purpose. All performers in a magnificent dawn chorus.

  2. Frank Hopewell-Smith says:

    I’m thinking about getting up before 8am now…. Really great read

  3. David Perkins says:

    I love your blog!!! The photos are inspirational!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  4. Alan Stephenson says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Richard forwarded your blog, thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thought your photography was great. Great meeting you at the cricket, look forward to next time.
    Best regards

    • Andrew Jackson says:

      Thanks, Alan. (Sorry this reply took a while. I’ve been away.)
      ’5 o’clock shadow’ will be sleeping in over the winter months.
      Back when the swallows return…

  5. Philip S says:

    Hi There

    I am often up at these exotic hours, but seldom or never fell the urge to go out. Love the pics and the intro to my unexplored world. Although 04.30hrs breakfasts at new covent garden (friut) market were fun, do wander first.

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